7 Things to Consider when Hiring Restaurant Employees

A competent and first-rate staff is what makes a restaurant successful. From a world-class menu to outstanding customer service, all these hinges on having a team of highly knowledgeable employees.

When it comes to hiring new employees for your restaurant, set your goal to attract ideal applicants who will stay with your business. As much as possible, determine every applicant’s response during the interview process. See if there’s a balance between technical expertise and customer service.

It is essential to look for a candidate who possesses optimism, grace under pressure, and strong work ethics. These aspects should be your top priority.

Here are seven keys to hiring the best restaurant employees — from cooks and bartenders to wait-staff and managers.

7. Consider Applicant Achievements that Match Yours.
What an applicant did in the past that could benefit your restaurant now is something you should look for in a resume. If they’re a cook, ask what they did something to reduce customer wait times by working hand in hand with the staff. For a manager, did he/she come up with marketing initiatives that helped increase sales? Their resume carries statistics that show how an applicant can take what he/she has learned and how it will benefit your business.

6. Look Online for Knowledgeable Candidates.
The majority of applicants today go online to start their job search.  There are a lot of online job board websites you can use to look for your potential candidate. You can even post several positions without a cost. This is a great way to reach more applicants in a hassle-free way.

5. Accentuate Management Skills.
One of the things to consider when looking for a potential candidate is their management skills. Make this a priority. Look for someone with the right attitude and personality traits for the position. Someone who is genuine can make customers happy and enjoys speaking to teams.

4. Train Rather than Hiring Experts.
Look for someone who is not just talented but is a born leader – a potential employee who can naturally bond well with the rest of the team. Finding this type of individual can be challenging. There are things you can teach and the things you cannot. You can help an applicant if there is an area they lack in order to prepare them for the role.

3. Put an Emphasis on Reliability.
One important characteristic you need to look when hiring for a restaurant employee is reliability. Are they committed to work every day, on time, and work overtime if required? Of course, candidates will say yes, when asked all these, but are they telling the truth? Look into their work history and find out why they left their previous job. References are vital to finding someone who will give an unbiased and honest comment of the applicant’s reliability in her/his past work.

2. Food Safety Certification Should be Required.
When hiring a manager, it is necessary for them to obtain a food safety certification. There are little to zero risks of foodborne diseases if a company prioritizes food safety. Employees should also be trained to practice it. This will reduce possible financial issues, negative media broadcast, and will help the company’s health inspections. Managers with food safety certification will make connections with the local health department to guarantee that food safety is being practiced within the restaurant’s premises.

1. Look for Someone with Salesmanship.
This is the most crucial skill a candidate must possess that is often taken for granted. As much as you want them to be customer-friendly, it would be even better if they can effectively sell the product and/or service. Knowing and understanding which items on the menu have the highest sales is something that should be included in the training.

For your restaurant to work effectively and successfully, one key factor is to hire the right candidates.  However, some lie to get the position. Be meticulous in assessing applicants. Contacting applicant references is one of the best ways to find out any potential issues in the future.

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