Cheaper is NOT Always Better
Jeff Tutt, Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Touch Dynamic, discusses commercial grade vs. consumer grade tablets and PC’s.

As the Sales and Marketing Manager for Touch Dynamic, I get asked the following question at least once a day,

“Why would I buy a commercial grade tablet or PC at a much higher price point when I can walk into best buy and buy an iPad for half the cost?”My answer is always the same, “Would you buy the cheapest, best looking car on the lot with the only catch being that it comes without seat belts?” After the initial “Huh” as the response to my question, I then explain that cheaper is NOT always better, especially when it comes to commercial vs. consumer grade tablets and PC’s.

Tablets and PC’s are used in every industry from Amusement Parks, to Retail Stores to Casinos. While they are all different, the common denominator is that all of these industries experience everyday wear and tear with their equipment. Tablets and PC’s are bumped, dropped, scratched and spilled on constantly in environments such as these. A consumer grade Tablet or PC is just not designed to withstand this type of everyday trauma. A computer or tablet that is purchased at an out of the box retail store would not last more than a few days in conditions like this and when you do the Math it is a no-brainer: An iPad Pro will run you $800 at any Apple or retail store. Then you will need to purchase a sturdy, protective case at a price point of $100-$150. After a few drops and bumps, you will either need to get it repaired or purchase a new one. Repair costs will run anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars. A Touch Dynamic, Ruggedized Quest Tablet will run you about $1,100. It can withstand drops of up to 4 FT and is spill and dust resistant. Throw in the standard 1 year warranty (With an additional 2 years available) and you have already saved yourself hundreds of dollars, thousands in the long run, on your mobile tablet solution.

Also on the subject of warranties, most commercial grade tablets and PC’s come with the option of a “No Fault” Warranty which will include all physical damage to your equipment. You would be hard pressed to find a consumer grade tablet that offers this type of full coverage on any computer product, period. At Touch Dynamic we always encourage our customers to demo our products before they commit to a purchase so if consumer vs. commercial is something you are unsure of, there is no down side to testing one of each first. Because honestly, would you buy that car (without the seat belts!) without test driving it first? We think not.

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Jeff Tutt
Midwest Regional Sales Manager
Touch Dynamic


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