Pioneering Product Development

As a software Product Development Manager, my perspective on the senior living industry focuses on how technology, particularly software systems, is shaping the sector. The senior living industry has been experiencing significant advancements and transformations in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for better care and services for the elderly population. One of the primary focuses of my role is defining the development and commercialization of our latest version of Point of Sale system, SI360. POS systems are critical to the senior living industry, to ensure accurate billing, invoicing and payments of residents within the community.

As a part of the ServingIntel family, I serve as the Product Development Manager. This role encompasses many hats; steering our product commercialization, outlining our roadmap, prioritizing and building out our backlog and helping support our development team as much as I possibly can. One of the first projects I took on during my preliminary year with ServingIntel was curating a Product Development pipeline. By doing this, we ensure proper tracking of initial documentation which captures product and customer needs. It has several steps before a product gets to commercialization; at several of these steps a voting process occurs wherein key team members assess the facts of where the product currently is and determine the comfort level of going to market with that product.

Another project I took on was implementing SAFe Agile within our development team. SAFe Agile is “Scaled Agile Framework” which is a very specific agile methodology focusing on fast development, transparency, and quick deployments. A lot of new ceremonies were introduced which ensure we are capturing the needs of our partners and our internal team. This also allows us to estimate deadlines accurately and determine the effort required.

An exciting opportunity we have within the industry is pertinent to our senior living residents; dietary information. Within our roadmap, we are looking at how to integrate more of our residents’ dietary information to help our communities serve their residents best. My sole focus at ServingIntel is to provide the best processes internally to ensure the products we deliver to our partners serve them in the greatest way possible.


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