Keep Kane County Safe.

The State’s Attorney is the chief prosecuting officer of the county. The State’s 

Attorney has the exclusive and statutory responsibility for prosecuting violations 

of the criminal law of the State of Illinois. Andrew will tirelessly prosecute those who break the law as State’s Attorney. Too often, he sees political expedience get in the way of the criminal justice system; as State’s Attorney, he will always act in a non-partisan manner to prosecute criminals within the bounds of justice and ensure we keep Kane County safe. In Andrew’s view, a society that enforces criminal justice based on political objectives and identity politics ignores community safety. His promise to you is to put community safety above all else.” 

Keep our Children Safe 

At a time when the Department of Child and Family Services is experiencing high rates of turnover and increasing legal issues, we need a State’s Attorney who protects children and looks after vulnerable victims. The latest report card from the Auditor General found 33 major failures by DCFS. When Illinois’ most vulnerable kids are in their darkest moments, it is the job of the Department of Children and Family Services to shine a light on what has gone wrong. But numerous children died while on the DCFS radar over those two years. Meanwhile, many issues at DCFS have gone uncorrected for much longer. As the former Deputy General Counsel for DCFS, Andrew knows how to help improve DCFS’s working relationships with the State; ‘s Attorney’s office and protect children here in Kane County. During his time as a prosecutor with the Kane County State’s Attorney, Andrew was tasked with developing the Kane County Child Advocacy Center, and the same model he developed almost 30 years ago exists in Kane County today.  Many other counties in Illinois have copied this model. Under his leadership, Kane County built a center that continues to protect children from being victimized and protect them during the darkest moments of their lives. As State’s Attorney, Andrew will continue to build on the work of his past to keep our children safe.  

Rooting out the causes of crime. 

As State’s Attorney, Andrew will work to root out the causes of crime and reduce recidivism rates. This means utilizing diversion programs and the courts to ensure that we hold people accountable for criminal behavior. We must also provide perpetrators with services that help turn their lives around. In the criminal justice arena, we need to focus on the juvenile court system. This is where we can have the most significant impact on our society by working with young offenders to change the trajectory of their lives.  Providing them with real and impactful services will help make sure they do not reenter the system.  

Take Politics out of the State Attorney’s Office

It is crucial that we take partisan politics out of State Attorneys’ Offices. Prosecutors have enormous power and discretion, and their decision-making must be based on fairness, facts, and justice – not political pressure or party loyalty. Your elected State’s Attorney must be impartial, apolitical, and focused on public safety while upholding the law in an impartial manner. Allowing these offices to be influenced by partisan politics risks bias, persecution of political opponents, disproportionate impacts on marginalized groups, erosion of public trust, and fundamental miscarriages of justice. The nonpartisan nature of our justice system must be preserved. As your State’s Attorney, I make decisions free from partisan political calculations, focusing solely on the merits of each case and serving justice. Removing politics would allow prosecutors to exercise their discretion and properly apply the law based on their conscience and legal expertise, not due to political expediency. A truly just system depends on keeping State Attorneys’ offices free from partisan influences.